Monday, January 26, 2009

First Weigh-In

The first weigh-in was both encouraging and disappointing.

I weigh 247.8 lbs. This is encouraging because I think I started somewhere just above 250, but because I didn't have a working scale, I really don't know where I started. I just commenced eating properly without a baseline. So, 247.8 has become my new baseline, and Sunday morning has become my new weigh-in time.

Yesterday, I forgot about my diet since we had mexican food and company over. I grossly overate. Funny thing is that it wasn't even that enjoyable. What I mean is that is was enjoyable up to a point, but then I felt seriously uncomfortable as I kept on eating.

I want to add a new rule: 5) No fried foods. This one seems simple enough, but it is really, really difficult to avoid fried foods completely. They are everywhere. Chips and salsa -- no good. Most Chinese or even Thai food -- stir-fry or deep-fried. But this is easier if fast food is also avoided, because if you don't get the combo meal you don't get fries.

Last week, I did well with most of the rules. Look forward to hitting the gym today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back on the Wagon

Workouts last two days:

Monday: Ran 1/2 mile, did 10 minutes on Stairmaster, some freeweights.
Tuesday: 30 minutes on stationary bike, some pilates exercises, some freeweights.

I passed up the Dean's Dessert Social yesterday. . .all sorts of cookies and other assorted goodies. Didn't have a bite.

I'm not going to count calories or points or anything. I'm just going to live by a few simple rules:

1) No fast food (exception is Subway 6" sandwich without cheese, or a salad)
2) Extremely limited sweets
3) Limited cheese
4) More fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year, New Resolution(s)

  Hey everyone!   
  I'm pretty sure no one is paying any attention to this blog, since I hadn't posted anything in, oh, about a year.  I've found out how hard it is to try to diet while your wife is pregnant and/or nursing a baby.  It's also easy to forget about eating wisely when you've moved to a different state and started law school.  Oh, and when you're wife is an awesome cook who loves making brownies, cookies, cakes, and other assorted goodies.  Basically, Sara got pregnant again, and I completely forgot about diet and exercise.  I got lost in getting moved.  We lived with my parents and my in-laws this summer before getting settled in Illinois. 
  I was really good about going to the Rec center on campus, until just before finals.  I was actually jogging up to a mile at a time.  Then came the holidays.  I'm really not sure how much I weigh right now, but it can't be good.  I'm vowing right now to get back into fighting shape before summer.  I can do it.  I have a handle on law school.  I can get a handle on my diet/exercise routine.  My goal is 215 lbs. before June.  Considering that I currently weigh around 250, that's a lot of weight to lose.  I plan to go to the Rec center at least 3 times per week (even when I was going regularly last semester there were many weeks when I went only once), and to really get control of my bad snacking ways.
  I won't be posting any more pictures until I've lost the first few pounds.